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Always sort to top -- new feature

I've recently started adding an underscore as the first character for entries that I would like to always short at the top of search results.

Probably frivolous, but for your consideration: a check box switch to "always sort to top" to do that job. Sort of a hidden _, if you will. 

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your feedback! We haven't received others asking for this type of functionality, so I don't think it will be making its way into the app. However, in a release down the road after mSecure 6 is released, we will be adding the ability to filter by specific tags (tags will be replacing groups in v6) through the new filter bar on the main view. It's not something that will be available in the very first release, but it's on our roadmap for a future release. Until that feature is implemented on the main view, you will be able to filter by different tags from the app's menu. While not as convenient in that it will take a few taps to turn on the filter(s), it still will be possible to find your records pretty quickly.

The other way for finding important records as quickly as possible is to make each of those records favorites. If you mark each record as a favorite by toggling the start icon to the right of the title of the record, then when you turn on the favorites toggle in the top right of the main view, you will only see those records that have been marked as favorites.

Thanks!  Will train myself to use "Favorite".

No problem at all Mike! I hope that works for you, and be sure to check out tagging in version 6, after it's released of course, to see if it can help. Take care.

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