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Application crash online after upgrading to IOS 14.4

After upgrading my IPad, IPhone to the latest OIS 14.4 the application crash wine online, it works ok offline. The application also crash on my desktop. What is the solution? Thanks.

Hi Jose,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. I'm not sure what could be causing this to happen, as we haven't run into anything like this on our own devices. Real quick, can you tell me which sync method you are using? Go ahead and go to the Settings in mSecure, then tap on Sync Settings. Which Sync Feature is being used.

Also, what is the email address for your mSecure account? I can take a look at the account to see if anything looks wrong.

I sync with Dropbox. My email is

Thank for the information Jose. Real quick, I'm going to have you try changing over to mSecure Cloud syncing to see if that fixes the crashing problem. If it does, then I'm going to have you do something with the data stored in your Dropbox account to reset things, unless you are ok using mSecure Cloud for syncing.

To change the sync feature, open mSecure on your iPhone and then tap the menu icon in the top left corner. Tap Settings, then in the Settings screen tap Sync Settings. Tap the row at the top to change to mSecure Cloud syncing. After making the change, is mSecure still crashing? If it is still crashing, please open mSecure on your iPad and go to the Sync Settings. Does it show that you are set to use mSecure Cloud syncing instead of Dropbox syncing?


I followed the instructions.

In the iPhone the sync option was changed, offline, to MSecured Cloud. Then when online, it crashed again.

In the iPad I opened the application offline (since online it crashed). In the sync settings still Dropbox still the sync location

Mike: I tried your suggestion the other way around. I started with the iPad setting the sync to MSecured Cloud and then setting the iPhone sync to the MSecured Cloud, and it worked.  Both application run well in each device.

Now I will try it in the MacBookPro. I must get offline. Let you know soon.

Changed the sync in the MacBookPro to the MSecured Cloud and it worked, no more crash. Verify if change made in the Mac reflected in the iPhone and it did. So the problem was Dropbox...why?

Thanks Mike. Finally a Question: How secured in the MSecured Cloud?

Hi Jose,

It's great to hear everything is working now. So far as I can tell by what you have described, something in the data stored on your iPhone was causing some type of problem with the syncing. I can't know what that was, but since everything resolved when you turned on mSecure Cloud syncing on a different device, that would definitely indicate the data problem was on the iPhone. While this isn't a common problem, we have run into it in the past.

Regarding your question about mSecure Cloud, your data is secured in the same way it is secured in any cloud system. mSecure's encryption process works the same way regardless of where it's stored, which means that your data is always encrypted before it ever leaves your device. The only time the data is in a readable format is when you are viewing it in the app. For syncing, when a change is made, the changes are encrypted first then sent to the mSecure Cloud where they are integrated into the rest of your data. Then when the any changes are synced in, the encrypted data is pulled down from the cloud and decrypted locally on the device.

For more information on how the system works, you can check out this article on mSecure's Security Model: mSecure’s Security Model - Secure by design

Please let me know if you have any other questions about this Jose.

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