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I have version 4.5.4 on my iPhone and want to export to excel which I understand I will need to install a later version on my MAC . I have the software installed but don't have the password. How do I retrieve the MAC version software V5 and then upgrade the iPhone version to match the NAC iOS version and import my data ?

Thank you for contacting us, and this should be no problem at all. First though, you can do everything you are trying to do here without exporting your data to a CSV file. After you have access to your mSecure 5 account, you can simply install it on your iPhone, transfer the data real quick, then sign in to the account on your Mac. After that, all of the data will sync over and you will have your information on both devices. Are you needing the CSV file for another purpose?

Regarding gaining access to your mSecure 5 account, I looked on our server for an account using your "" email address, but I wasn't able to find one. Do you remember creating an mSecure 5 account in the past? If so, do you know what email you would have used for the account?

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