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Sync *really slow* since iOS 14.2

N.b., this is feedback only. Sync is tediously slow since iOS 14.2. I can’t always force it. Previously I had a “clear-cache” issue through which mSecure folks kindly and patiently guided me (turn off Autofill, stop/restart mSecure, turn on Autofill; tedious with iOS but eventually…). Now, still, mSecure doesn’t promptly sync between our four iOS/iPadOS devices. Gut-wrenching. (Tried simply by adding data in “Notes” for an item.) mSecure says “Sync complete”; both devices logged on iCloud; no sync. A drag. N.b., feedback only.

Unable to WiFi Sync with IOS 14.2, sync settings correct (main computer selected) per tutorial, mobile settings show same IP addresses and same WiFi network. Please help. Thanks!

Same here. iOS/iPadOS 14.2, mSecure 5.7.2 (778) four devices. Identical mSecure settings for all. I place the four devices side by side. I make a change to an mSecure item on one, it *may* sync to one other device but never to *all*. Unpredictable. Should be to all in short order as is the case with other iCloud-synced apps.
mSecure’s automated response says I should register. The link given to check ticket status provides message “Access denied”. Sync is basic and crucial to a password manager. As is support. I am investigating other password managers and suggest others do so as well.

Issue resolved with prompt and courteous customer service!!  For me the issue was an IOS 14.2 Privacy setting (Settings>Privacy>Local Network) and a simple toggle '"on" for mSecure. Sync occurs immediately and flawlessly from app to desktop. Thanks mSecure Support!

I'm glad that workedmfor you, @Lori. As for me, I checked Settings, Privacy, Local Network and I see no app (including mSecure) has ever requested that access. At any rate, wi-fi sync will be of no avail to us inasmuch as we fetch out our laptop(s) only once every maybe every three weeks (so, no "master" as the instructions call it). iCloud sync continued to fail, so we mitigated the problem by falling back on sync through the mSecure cloud. The Festus solution for quick sync.


Thank you for jumping in here to help other customers! For anything Wi-Fi sync related on an iOS device, that would be one of the first things to check.


I checked the email correspondence, and it does look like everything was resolved. I just wanted to respond really quick to make sure. The last week was extremely hectic after the Thanksgiving Holiday and sale, so I'm just now catching up with things here in the forum.

I resolved everything by tinkering on my own. iCloud sync still fails, but mSecure Cloud *works* fine. Fixed for us. It’ll do. (I’m investigating other bandaids.)

Thank you for the update, and take care Albo!

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