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Going from Secure 4 to 5

To enter Secure 4, I have to enter my password.  However, I'm trying to switch over to the new Secure 5 and it's not accepting that password and my current email address.  Do I have to start a totally new Account and Sign In?  If so, how do I ensure my current data in Secure 4 will sync with the new 5?   (Not a computer geek, so please be very specific.  Thanks!!      All apple devices running OSX

Kathy :-)

Hi Kathleen,

Thank you for contacting us! One of the major differences between mSecure version 3 & 4 and mSecure 5 is that there is now a centralized, online account system. In the older versions of mSecure, there was no account system, and the licensing for the app was handled through the app stores from which they were downloaded. Now, with the account system, we handle the licensing ourselves, which is a big plus for our customers. One mSecure license covers all platforms, so only one purchase is needed. It also means that even if you have been using mSecure for a long time, it's likely you don't have an mSecure account and will need to sign up for one before you can upgrade.

Before we get started with the upgrade, can you list out all of the devices you have? You mention all of them are Apple devices running MacOS, but you also referred to mSecure 4, so I think you might have some iOS devices as well.

Also, for now, as a first step, go ahead and download mSecure 5 onto all your devices. Don't try to sign in or sign up for an account just yet. We'll just get the app installed first, then go from there.

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