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mSecure 5 crashing

Upgraded to Pro. Trying to recoveR my PWs but mSecure crashes after entering password. All devices. Help!

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Hi John,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing here. Can you let me know all of the types of devices you are using? Also, can you confirm for me that mSecure is crashing on all of them?

Regarding transferring your information from the old app, you can't do that using any of the sync features. You will need to use the backup and restore features instead. As soon as mSecure is working correctly on all your devices, I'll send you instructions on how to transfer your data from the old app.

Both my iPad and iPhone are crashing. I have been trying to restore, but when prompted for my password with the two icons showing, it crashes.

The apps themselves are working fine except for the RESTORE feature. I sent a back up of my most recent collection go passwords. Then I upgraded to mSecure 5. Some how the new app is picking up an ancient data base (8 years old). When I double click on MY back-up, it launched mSecure 5 and asks if I want to restore. I do, then I am prompted to enter my password for mSecure again. When I click DONE (See attachment), the app just disappears without restoring. Any ideas as to what is going on?

Hi John,

I'm not exactly sure what's happening here, though I'm certain we'll get it figured out. When you say, "Some how the new app is picking up on an ancient database", what do you mean? In order to restore from a backup file, like you are showing in the screenshot you attached, you would have to tap on a backup stored in an email in the Mail app, then tap the "Copy to mSecure" option. Are you saying you are only finding an email backup created from a very long time ago? If so, what is the name of the attached backup file stored in that email, including the four characters after the period?

Also, do you still have mSecure 4 installed on your devices, and are you able to open that app and unlock it to view your information?

I backed up from my previous version and emailed it to myself. I then saved the file to my iCloud. I paid for and downloaded the new version of mSecure. When I opened my new version, It already had an older (8 years) list of my passwords. I then went to my iCloud and double clicked on my previous back-up file which launched the NEW mSecure and then asked if I wanted to RESTORE. When I entered my password and prompted, the all closes and crashes.

I DO have the previous version (Not sure if it's version 4), but it too now has the old list (8 years old) of my passwords.

I can not find the "ancient" back up. I have no idea how the new version picked it up.

When you create an account in mSecure 5, it is aware of the old mSecure app installed on your device. Then when you go through the signup process, you're asked if you would like to migrate the data in the old app into the mSecure 5. Whenever your account was created, that old data was migrated in from mSecure 4.5 installed on your device. That explains how the old data is showing up in mSecure 5, though I'm not sure why the data is that old. Did you create your email backup from the old mSecure app on the same device?

Also, do you still have access to that email backup in your device's Mail app? That's what we'll need in order to restore the data.

New version of MSecure creashes constantly when logging in.  Using Apple 13 ProMax and IOS 15.4.1

Reloading fixes it temporarily then it crashes again after 5 minutes.

@Martin Version 6.0.3 fixed one context where the app was crashing, but we have found out there are a couple more contexts where it still happens.

Would you be willing to send some crash reports from your Mac? If so, please open a Finder window, then click "Go > Go to folder" in the menu bar at the top left of your screen? After you do that, paste this into the field: ~/Library/Logs/DiagnosticReports

Do you see any crash logs with the word "mSecure" or "mseven" in them? If you do, can you attach them in your next post?

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