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Finally upgrading to mSecure 5 on Windows 10


I just bought a new PC and it will be Windows 10. So I've been using the old mSecure on my Win7 PC all these years. However, in 2017 I purchased the mSecure 5 pre-order in March 2017, although I couldn't download and install it since I still had Win7 at the time.

I still have the email receipt. When I get the new PC will  be able to finally get and install version 5 that I paid for way back then? How do I do this?



It looks like mSecure don't help on the forum, I've just realized many recent posts have no replies :-( 

Hi Gary,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for my late reply to your question. We do help on our forum, but it is backed up right now. As long as you have an mSecure 5 license, you won't have to purchase it again when you get your Windows 10 PC. You may have to reset your account if you are not able to sign in to it, but that is a very quick fix. Do you have access to your new PC now, and if so, were you able to download mSecure 5 and sign in to your account? If you weren't able to do that, can you let me know what the email address is for your account?

I’m all set. I was able to download version 5 and then reset my password. Thanks

That's great to hear Steven! Let me know should you need further assistance.

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