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Upgrading from free version to pro question

Hi, I want to upgrade my msecure account to the pro version because I want to synq my data to a new phone. Should I perform the upgrade on the old phone or can I install the pro version app on new phone and somehow synq with old account. I do not know if the latter is possible.


Hi Bryan,

Thank you for contacting us. You should definitely purchase the license now with your old phone. This will allow you to get your information synced to the mSecure Cloud, then when you get your new phone, you can simply download mSecure, sign in to your account, and the data should sync right in.

One thing to keep in mind, you will get an Authentication Email from us when you create your mSecure 5 account. If you have already created an account, and don't have that email, please let me know, because you will most likely need that email to be authenticated as the owner of your mSecure account when you go to sign in to mSecure on your new phone.

Just a couple notes. It's always best if you can moved over to the new device while still having access to the old device. As long as you have access to your data on one device when you're moving over to a different device, it's virtually impossible run into problems with data loss.

Also, you should always make a new backup of your data in mSecure before turning in your phone if you won't be able to have access to both devices at the same time. After making the backup, on iOS you should have the backup in your email account, but if it's an Android device, you will need to find the backup on your device's hard drive and move it to a place off the device like to Google Drive, Dropbox, or you can even email it to yourself. That way you will have access to the backup after moving to your new phone.

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