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Windows 10 UWP Update Authentication issues

The new update from the Microsoft Store broke my install and now when I try to login and authenticate none of the options work. The file option gives me an error with the QR code png. The clipboard option looks for the QR code (again). The camera option says I’m not authorized to use the QR code with my account. I’ve tested this on an iPad and and iPhone and both recognize my QR code just fine.

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I have the same issue although mine is with a new account on my PC. I use the app on my iPhone. I submitted a ticket.

I submitted a ticket with images of the error. I tried flipping the QR code they sent, converting the QR png into jpg, and flipping my camera on my pc while scanning the QR from the app on my phone. Looks like this latest Windows Store application has some serious problems. I’ve been using it for about 6 months now with no problems.

Seems like i'm having the same problem... submitted a ticket.

Hi Everyone,

I'm not sure yet what is happening here, but in my testing before the release, authentication was working as it should. The big question here is what happened to get you all in a state where you were asked to authenticate again? After you have signed in to your account and been authenticated, you should not have to do that again unless you reinstall mSecure or install the app on a new device. Is having to sign in and make use of your QR code to authenticate a normal action you have to take?

Bugger! Accidently hit the previous page on browser...

The issue might be tied to the fact that I had to wipe my system and now it has a new computer name??????? Unsure if that effects authentication. It's effectively like a new system so,.....?

The only other difference is that i had to (was forced to...) download MSecure from the MS Store.

No matter what I try... authentication fails.

By the way, it might be just me, but the instruction below is damn confusing:

a) Yes, received it by email (from a request from my iPhone)

b) Copy the Account key from the email to the clipboard... OK, done that.

c) Click clipboard button to the right...???? It WAS just opening up a file dialog, you mean paste it in a file????

However now it is saying: "Invalid Tymed (Excep_FromHResult0x80040069). An exception from registry....?????

Appreciate some help here. It's late in Oz.


MSecure authentication screen

I am having the same issue. I will create a ticket. I just bought msecure and my laptop. I have it installed on my ipad and iphone but can't get it to recognize my QR code (unable to do any of the 3 options it gives me to set it up on my laptop). 

Hey Everyone,

I have an update on the issue you're all experiencing. It turns out there is a context in which the authentication is not working in v 5.5.7 (build 142). The issue has already been resolved, and we plan to have a new release (build 143) in the Microsoft Store by the end of today. At this moment, we are testing the new release to make sure everything is ready before the update goes live.

Once the new release is published, it will appear in the updates section of the Microsoft Store app. It can take some time to propagate across all of the Microsoft Store servers, so it should become available by tomorrow at the latest.

We’re sorry for any inconvenience this situation may have caused, and we thank you so much for your patience as we get the new release ready for production.

Thanks for getting back to us, Mike! Your team has been helpful in responding to my ticket as well. I will look out for the update!

Thank you for the update on this issue Mike, I'll be looking out for the update as well!!! 

Same problem here and after a password change I can't even log into the app, always get "Incorrect e-mail or password" and receive 5-6 emails with msecure_key.pdf. Tried 3 times and received +20 emails...

Last try...image

Windows 10 + Android 9 + Spain Microsoft Store

I'll check tomorrow

Thanks in advance



Hi Everyone,

Hope you are all having a great weekend! I just happened to check in on Sunday and wanted to let everyone know that is in the store, and it should fix all of the problems you are having with authenticating your account. Please check for that update, and if you still have problems, let me know.

It's working now.


Thank you !!!

Great news! Thank you for the confirmation Ramon!

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