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I get the key, which I've never gotten before, then under it says,....hint: son....then a space to enter the password. I enter my sons name and it says, "please try again".  The app on my iPhone that I downloaded was working now it won't let me in. the app I downloaded is it a 30 day trial or do I have to purchase a mSecure from you to have it work????? 

I'm not sure I understand what's happening here, but you do not have to pay for an mSecure license in order for the app to allow you to unlock it. Did you just start using mSecure, or have you been using the app for awhile now? Also, can you explain to me when you mean when you say that you "get the key, which I've never gotten before"? I think you may be in a state where you were using the older mSecure app and have no somehow downloaded the newer mSecure 5 app, but I'm not sure at this time. Once I get some more information from you, I should be able to help.

Hello Mike.....the key I get on my phone is a "picture of a white key" in a circle, under that the word, "Hint: Son", then the word "Password", where I "ASSUME" I'm to enter a password. I've had the app about 2 months. So I'm guessing I'll have to delete the app and re-install it. Unless you can think of something that caused this and how I can fix it without voiding the app.

You are correct that you should be entering the password to unlock mSecure in the field that is labeled "Password" just underneath Hint and the logo image. However, if you have been using mSecure for the last 2 months, that screen should look familiar to you. Is that the normal screen you have been seeing when you enter your password to unlock the app? Also, can you let me know what email address you are using for your mSecure account? You can find that in the app's Account Settings.

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