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iCloud security

Having recently had one of my machines hacked I’m super paranoid about security! 

I’ve searched the info here but can’t find and answer to this, so apologies if it is already stated somewhere.

My question is if,  if I use iCloud to sync and backup, what can a hacker do with my Msecure data? If they knew my iCloud password and got access to my msecure backups, what would they get if they installed the msecure app and used my Apple credentials to sync ? (Note this is a hypothetical question, but I’m trying to ensure I cover all bases)

Thank you for contacting us! The encryption in mSecure is not connected to your iCloud credentials in any way, so if a hacker were to gain access to any of the data stored by mSecure in your iCloud account, all they would have is a bunch of encrypted data. The only way they would have to gain access to that data is to try a brute force attack against the encryption, which could take years depending on the password used to encrypt the data.

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