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mSecure allow Google Backup to store data?


I know mSecure can create auto backups locally.  However, I was wondering if mSecure allows the Android Google Backup system to store any of it's data?  I noticed that mSecure was listed as an app that was backed up within the Google backup feature on my phone.  I would assume that the data is not stored (which is what seems like most prudent), but wanted to make sure.

Hi Jay,

mSecure 5 for Android stores your encrypted account key on your Google account as part of our apps backup on Google. We did this to help users with authentication since we previously had, and still continue to have, lots of users who lose their QR code. Storing the encrypted account key in a user's Google account allows the app to try to automatically authenticate a users instead of requiring the QR code on Android. 

Hi Eden,

Thanks for the info.  From your description, I take it that the database itself is not stored but only the encrypted account key.  Is that correct?


Hi Jay,

That is correct. We do not store your database anywhere besides in the app itself and through whichever sync option you choose within the app. Note that the database is always encrypted as well. 

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