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Why doesn't mSecure help?????? They got my money months ago but wont help me with my problem. I can not use my account I paid for again months ago. I have spent hours and hours working on this. I have my original QR Code and still can not get in. I thought if you hade the qrcode a person could always get into thei account. I have even ask for my money refunded but they just ignore me. 

Why Why Why Why??????????

Hi Myrna,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing. We have a no questions asks refund policy for any purchase from our website within the last 60 days. I see that you've emailed us from both two separate accounts and we've responded within a business day each time. The last ticket was sent around Thanksgiving so we are now just responding to those tickets because Thanksgiving and the day after are paid holidays for us. 

The QR code will never work on its own to sign in to an account. The QR code is simply to authenticate your account after you've entered a proper account email address and account password. Please note that your paid account is under the email address. If you have forgotten your account's password or lost access to your QR code, you can learn how to reset your account and start over in mSecure 5 here:

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