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mSecure 5.70 (163) — Failed sync to Dropbox

 Dear Friends,

I am running mSecure 5.70 for Mac on my iMac. I upgraded from mSecure 3.5.7.

Never had a problem syncing to Dropbox with the former version 3.x.x.  Am unable to sync to DB with 5.70. I've attempted to do so several times now. Each attempt results in the following error message: "The local account key doesn't match the remote account key."  See attached screenshot. 

What am I missing? Is there a fix? Thanks!


My work iMac has a camera. MSecure 5 has screen recording permission. Here is what I tried:
  • Reading the code with the app from an email with the code in it.
  • Reading the code from a printout of the email with the camera.
  • Reading the code with the camera from my iPhone screed. The code came from the iPhone app settings.
All the old mSecure files were deleted. I did not reinstall the app before trying the above.




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