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Pixel 4 Face Unlock

Hi there!

So is there a plan to support Face Unlock on the Pixel 4. As it doesn't have a fingerprint sensor and as my proper password is "complex" this could be a big issue for me!


Hi Jon,

Do you already own a Pixel 4? Unfortunately, I'm not sure if we are using the FingerprintManager API or the newer BiometricPrompt API. If, we are using the newer API, Face Unlock will work already just like fingerprint unlock works. However, if we are using the older API, an update will be needed to allow users to unlock the app via the Face Unlock option on Pixel 4 and any other device that takes advantage those options. I will be going over this with the team and we will work on an update if needed. Hopefully, I can force a dark theme in there for Android 10 support as well :-)

Hi Eden, Thanks for looking into this. Please let me know when you know the situation. I have the Pixel 4 on pre-order for Thursday but this issue with biometrics has just about convinced me to cancel and think again in a few months! If you are using the older API you would not be alone. Almost no banking apps seem to support the new Biometric API yet and not having biometric logon of one form or another, for mSecure and for banking is just not an option anymore!
I can confirm that the fingerprint lock option is greyed out and the only option is to use password. I own a pixel 4 msecure 5

Hi guys,

Thanks Andrew for confirming this. We are now working on a new update for mSecure 5 for Android. It will include the newer BiometricPrompt API and the Android AutoFill API (so you can auto login to apps and sites using Chrome without our current Accessibility settings option) as well. We are also looking into including a dark theme in the update as well. However, the dark theme is just a possibility at this time depending on how difficult it is to implement. Unfortunately, it will take us a few weeks to have this update ready and released. I'm sorry about the inconvenience this will cause in the meantime. 

Thanks Eden (and Andrew for confirming). "A few weeks" is better than I expected! Fingers crossed!

Hi everyone,

Quick update. We have implemented the newer API and are working to finish a dark mode theme and testing the Biometrics API more. Here's a preview (note that I'm not using a Pixel 4 device yet):


Thank you Eden, this is great news .
Any update on this feature? I would rather see dark mode come in a later release if the biometric feature is available now. This is more of a core feature that affects usability. Dark mode is just window dressing. Entering my secure password to unlock msecure on my pixel 4 is a PITA.

Hi Brandon,

No update to provide at this time. The new biometric feature is working properly in our latest internal mSecure 5 builds. However, dark mode or a dark theme has not been properly implemented just yet. I also believed that we should have released an update to the app as soon as the biometric api was implemented. However, unfortunately, I am not in charge of updates here :-/

I'm glad I cancelled my pre-order! Hopefully all this will be resolved in time for Pixel 4a (or Pixel 5!). My bank doesn't support the biometric API either yet :(

Hi guys,

Now I do have information about this to report. We are just about done with the update. The update will include a dark mode and the new biometric unlock options as well as a few bug fixes. We hope to have the update out either today (unfortunately unlikely) or by the middle of next week. Thank you so much for your patients here! 

Thanks so much for keeping us updated Eden 

Hi everyone,

The app was released today around 1pm. The update should be available on the Google Play Store now. Once again, thank you all for your patience and I'm sorry that it took us a bit longer than anticipated. 

Updated to the latest version today. Where do I enable the functionality? I have a Pixel 4 but all I see is a greyed out Fingerprint option

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