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Modify Fields

How do I modify or delete existing fields? I am trying to rename and existing field .

I am finding this new version almost impossible to use. The old version was so easy, but this version has been designed by committee and /or government department. Just dreadful.

@John There are different options for adding fields in mSecure. You can add fields to a Template. For example, in the Template editor, you can choose to edit the Login template, and then add the Security Question and Security Answer fields. After you save the template, from then on, those fields will be available when you create a new Login record. You can also add custom fields at the record level. To do that, simply edit a record and you'll see the option to add a field. After you add the field, you can choose what type of field it is, and you can add a label for it as well, then you can add data to the field. Then if you have Premium account, you also get the option of reordering the field and changing the type of field it is after you have created it. It just provides more functionality beyond what's available in the Essentials subscription tier.

Were you able to add fields to your templates and records?

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