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Multiple database selection at login

Definitely a "Feature Request"
Assumption: a separate mSecure license per user (in this scenario)
Assumption: multiple licenses with discrete mSecure databases.
Need/requirement: to choose, from a set, to access and use a particular, non-default, discrete [user's] mSecure database at mSecure login. (E.g.; as described in other forum feature requests: "wife", "parents", "business specific dataset").

For example: I want to share my mSecure database with my wife, but she has her own mSecure license and database. And vice versa. 
At normal login, she wants to use her database, and, likewise, I want to use mine. 

But, for convenience, it would be very useful to be able to establish within mSecure, the existence of a relatively "alternate" database -- for me, that would be my wife's database, and vice versa -- and to be able to choose to use that alternate database at login.

There are other features that would flow out of this concept -- e.g., to copy a record from one database to the (or an)other, but for starters, it would be great to be able to have two licenses, two databases, but tell mSecure to alternatively provide access to this other database.

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Hi Mike,

Thank you for the feature request. I don't believe we will be doing this. However, the sharing features we are working on seem to accomplish the same thing or a very similar thing. We are currently working on providing sharing features that will allow you to share a set, collection, or vault of records with others. The sharing feature will allow you to invite users to have access to specific records you choose. You'll also be able to give the users different access privileges and remove access altogether whenever you'd like. This will allow you to sign in to your account and have access to all of your own information while also having access to any information shared with you or give access to others to data you have as well. 

Does that sound like similar to your multiple database request here?

That'll be great.  Any ETA?


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