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IOS 13 update on iPad creating display problems

Last night I updated my iPad and iPhone to IOS 13.1.   My mSecure display on my iPhone is fine.  The list of records only shows the record's names.  As before, I have to click on the record to get the details.  That is not the case on my iPad, it is exactly oppposite.  On the iPad, the display of records only shows the details (passwords, account number, etc.) of each record.  If I click on a record, I get the record's name.  How can I fix this problem, getting the records to display properly?

Same problem with iPad Pro.  Hope there’s an upgrade patch to fix it.  Not very useable now.  I have another app I’ll be using if there’s no fix.

I just learned that an update is coming out in the next few days.  Watch the app store for it.

We released an update between 10:30-11am PST today after Apple approved the update. Unfortunately here’s nothing more we can do to get the release live. Something is holding up the release to the App Store on Apple’s end. Hopefully that gets resolved soon and customers can receive our 5.7.1 update to fix display issues asap.

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