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WiFi syncing issues.

THree hours and no Syn between one of my ISO/MAC - I am sick of nsecure right now.

No help and no answers

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Hi Klaus,

I'm sorry about the issues you are experiencing and I'm sorry that you've been waiting for 3 hours for a sync to take place. From looking up your email, it looks like you are using mSecure 5 on iOS and Mac and have WiFi syncing enabled for your account. WiFi syncing is our most advanced syncing option and it requires a few things be done before a sync can take place.

  1. Have you set up mSecure 5 on your Mac or one of your Macs to be the "Main computer"?
  2. Did you initiate a manual sync from a device that is not the "Main computer"? What happens when you do? 
    • To manually sync on iOS: tap and hold the top area of the main view, drag your finger down, and release.
  3. Are you getting any kind of error message when trying to sync? If so, what does that message say?
  4. Are you using any Antivirus software, Firewall, VPN, or VM software? All these things can affect your local connection and you will likely need to make software setting changes in order to get WiFi syncing to work.

In order to be able to sync in mSecure 5, you must be using mSecure 5 on all devices and be using the same mSecure account on each device. Additionally, if trying to use WiFi syncing, you must make sure to enable the "Main computer" option in mSecure 5 on a computer. That setting can be found in the Preferences (command+comma) under the Syncing options. If you've recently made network changes, I would also recommend disabling and re-enabling that setting to refresh your networking settings for your mSecure account.

Once that's set, you'll need to make sure to exit all settings or preferences and be on the main view in mSecure 5 on all devices. With mSecure 5 opened and unlocked on all devices, you can either wait for a sync to occur (a sync from a client device (not the main computer or sync server) occurs whenever you create a new record, edit a record, or unlock the app) or manually sync from a client device. If there are no issues, you should see a sync complete message in mSecure 5 on each device on the bottom of the screen on a mobile device or in the bottom of the middle column on a computer. If there is an issue, you should see an error message there instead. 

If you've gone ahead and enabled the "Main computer" option in mSecure 5 on your computer, tried syncing, and are getting an error message, there is something else that is preventing the apps from being able to communicate on your local network. If you are using Antivirus, Firewall, VPN, or VM software, I would recommend disabling those apps in order to troubleshoot which if the apps might be causing your issues here.

When I try to force a sync a from my iPhone, I get an error that says "There was an error connecting to the server." From my PC, I've turned off "Main Computer" on my PC and then "Sync Automatically" on my iPhone. Exited out of both. Then logged back in on both devices and switched "Main Computer" back to "on" on PC and turned on "Sync Automatically" on iPhone.  IP addresses match no both devices and are showing as green.

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