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Will MSecure be updates to run on IOS 13 when it is released?

As a longtime MSecure user and fan, I am concerned that I haven’t seen an update for IOS which will be released Sept 19th.

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Hi Carlos,

I'm sorry that you are concerned here. We are working on major updates to the app. However, we are also working on minor updates when needed and will be releasing an update to mSecure 5 to get the app set for iOS 13. The update will include bug fixes, a dark theme, and the ability the finally be able to remove custom icons.

Dark theme (tappable text will be blue):

I've been using the current version of mSecure using the beta iPad version of iOS 13 without problem.

I didn't even consider that there could be an issue.

having trouble on  ios13 using the face ID   anyone else? 

No problems here with face ID on the iPad (or Touch ID on the iPhone) with iOS13

Hi Scott,

We haven't experienced any issues using Face ID in mSecure 5 on iOS 13 (13.1). However, here are steps that could help or fix your issue

  • Restart device
  • Disable Face ID in the mSecure 5 settings and then re-enable setting
  • Reinstall mSecure 5 (please don't do this unless you have mSecure 5 already installed on another device, have a sync setting enable, and(or) have access to your encrypted account key/QR code)

The first two recommendations should fix your issues. Worst case scenario, a reinstall of an app should fix things as well.

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