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On just one item, autofill prefills email in place of username

No doubt I have done something wrong as usual. On one, just one, record, mSecure prefills with the stored email address instead of the stored username. Annoying. I must manually copy and paste for success. I hope some intelligent one here will offer a suggestion.

Hi Albo,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing. Some websites require an email address, others require a username, while still others will easily accept either. Our Login record type let's you add either a username or email address under the "Username" field.  If you are using a website or app that requires the username and not an email address, please make sure the Username field for your record uses the account username instead of the email. 


  1. URL - whatever the URL might be
  2. Username - make sure this is the username and not the email address
  3. Password - the account password
  4. Additional fields - Custom fields (if needed)
    1. Email address 
      • Save the email address for your records here or in the notes section if you'd prefer

When using the AutoFill feature, mSecure 5 will always fill in the information with the first Username field for your record and for the first Password field of your record. If you use more than one username field, make sure that the username you require to login in to a website or app is up top.

Sad to say, the item has these fields exactly as you have described. URL in a field of type URL immediately followed by properly-typed fields containing (in this order) username, password, and email. The email address is different from the username. Perhaps it is a fault of the website developers in soliciting the wrong type of information and yielding a login error. No biggie. I have learned, for this site (seldom-used, as it happens) to copy and paste.

Hi Albo,

I'm sorry that this is happening despite you having things correctly. Could you let me know what type of record type you are using? I'm guessing it's our default Login type but perhaps you've created a custom type, edited one of the other existing types, or even modified the Login type? Is the extra email address field a custom field or a field included in the record type? Also, could you let me know what this website is? I would love to test this issue out and try to figure out what might be happening here.

Hello, Eden. I appreciate your prompt response, and I thank you. I’m in the midst of a sweeping update to all mSecure passwords (long overdue!) so this will give me a break to search out the curiosity record and provide you full details. Please bear with me for awhile…
The site is (for my website host) I don’t recall how to determine the record type! The only information in the item is what I have described, plus a custom icon, and a brief Note
[duplicate post?] The site is mddhosting dot com (for my website host); I forget how to determine record type; only additional info beyond what I described, is a Note

Hi Albo,

Sorry it's taken me so long to reply. You can only view the type of record you are using on Mac or Windows. If using Mac, the record type is shown right below the record title in the details view:

It is shown as Login. (FWIW this is my record type of habit. It has *necessary* fields in the order I want, and I can add in the order to which I have habituated myself—which doesn’t necessarily conform to any of the “built-ins”.)

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