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Android version filter types

 I frequently filter "Type" in mSecure 4. On the Android version of mSecure 5, that ability is missing. I can only filter on "Group". I can sort by "Type", but that still leaves a lot of records that I'm not interested in on-screen. The Windows version of mSecure 5 allows filtering on both "Group" and "Type". IMO, the Android version should offer the same capability.

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Same for the iOS app. I have no idea why we can’t filter by type?! How many times do I want to see just my email accounts because if I type the email address in, it comes back with loads of records that have nothing to do with my email account. You have it for group, did no one in the Dev or test functions make the leap of “hey, why don’t we have the other major categorising function as a filter too? We have it on the desktop apps, but..... naaahh, let’s not bother”...

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