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Mac mBackup V.3.0.1 (32bit error)

I am getting a MAC warning that my mBackup (desktop backup for IOS mSecure app) is not "optimized" for use with my MAC.  This message is normally prompted when you launch a 32bit software on the MAC that will eventually NOT be supported with new iterations of MacOS Mojave (or Catalina when it is released). 

It is  I am running MacOS Mojave(10.14.5) on my new MacBook Pro and version 3.0.1 of mBackup.

Will mSecure be releasing an updated mBackup (64bit) version that will be compatible with newer MacOS versions?


Hi Bruce,

mBackup, our free backup utility, has not been updated in over 5 years and we have no plans to update it moving forward either. You are getting warnings because it is an old 32bit software and it will stop working on MacOS in the future. No, we will not be updating this free backup utility. That said, you can create email backups of mSecure 4, and if using mSecure 3 on Mac, you can create backup files directly on your computer as well.

Create and restore from an email backup:

Download mSecure 3:

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