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Allow selection of a different browser for outlinks

It’s very handy that mSecure *already* allows one to tap on an item’s URL with the result that the iOS browser (Safari) opens to that location. It would be a *luxury* were mSecure to allow selection of a different browser app (e.g., Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Opera Touch, Red Onion).

Hi Albo, 

Thank you for the feature request. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I understand the request. iOS does not allow you to select different default apps. Apple simply makes their apps the default for browser, email, etc. On all other platforms, when you tap the URL link in mSecure, you can either launch our built-in browser or your device's default browser or app. If this is for iOS, can you provide me an example of an app that allows you to launch a link and have the option of which app to use to open the link with?

An example of an app which allows me to choose with which app to open the link, is the Firefox browser app. It offers, in its preferences, the choice of which default email app to use (e.g., the base mail app or Gmail), hence offering a target for “mailto” links. Clear? In Textastic, for previewing an html file being edited, one may choose the Textastic “browser” or “Preview in Safari”. (Yes, a different thing, as are “activities” in the “Share” menu… ) In mSecure, of course, one may touch a URL stored in a record to have the URL opened in either the mSecure “browser” or Safari. All I’m suggesting—and truly as a luxury, not an urgent requirement—is an item for, say, “browser preference” to point touched URLs in mSecure records to be opened in a browser app *other than* mSecure’s “browser” or Safari. (My Firefox, Chrome, or one of the several other browser apps: most, I think, have APIs which offer prependable URL strings to direct URLs to the app.)

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