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Apple Watch code

How do I find what my code is to access the app on my Apple Watch

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Hi Norman,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  When enabling the Apple Watch app, you'll have to set up a pin or access code. If you do not know this code, you can reset the Apple Watch by disabling the app on your Apple Watch and restarting the process again.

I have created a code for my apple watch a couple of times.  When I enter the code in the app on my watch it will not accept it.  i keep getting "wrong passcode"

The keypad for the app is very small so I an being careful to enter it no avail!  Please advise

Hi David,

We're not sure why this happens, but for a handful of customers, the passcode get's into a confused state and doesn't work correctly. The only way I know to fix this is to reinstall not only the Watch app but also the mSecure app on your iPhone. Before you do this, however, you would want to make sure that you either have mSecure installed on a different device and that all your data was synced over to it, or you would need to make a backup of the data first.

If you do have your data synced, and you've made an email backup, you can simply long-tap on the mSecure app to deleted from your Watch, then you can long-tap on the mSecure app on your iPhone, and removed it. After you've done that, reinstall mSecure on your iPhone, then try turning on the Watch app again in the Settings.

Did that have any effect on the problem?

I replaced my watch and cannot access my msecure account anymore.  I have uninstalled and re-installed the app on the phone and the watch to no avail.  Is there a fix for this?

@Andre I'm not sure what you mean here. Upgrading your Apple Watch would have no effect on the data stored in mSecure on your iPhone. The Watch app cannot have any type of adverse effect on the iPhone mSecure app.

What do you mean when you say you cannot access you mSecure account anymore? When you upgraded your watch, did you uninstall mSecure on your iPhone for some reason?

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