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How do I download mSecure 5 for Windows

Hi everyone,
Where can I download mSecure 5 for Windows ?
Thank you in advance.

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Hi Laurent,

Thank you for contacting us. 

You can download mSecure 5 here:


Alternatively, you can download mSecure 5 from each platforms app store. mSecure 5 for Windows requires Windows 10 and access to the Microsoft Store app in order to download it. mSecure 5's minimum system requirements are iOS 10.3+; Watch OS 4.3+; Android 4.3+; Mac 10.11+; Windows 10 (UWP).

Is there any other way to download MSecure for Windows? Unfortunately, in my company there are some security restrictions and any download from Microsoft Store are blocked.

I would just have installation file...

thank you in advance

@Alferio Thank you for contacting us. Please send me an email at, and I'll talk this over with you via email. After you send the email, let me know here in this thread and I'll respond as soon as I see it.

Thank you Mike. I send you an email Alferio

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