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Builtin Browser not getting to the URL

Bought msecure 5 since day 1 and finally noticing the latest msecure 5.5.5 stops some crashing I encountered so decided to give it another go. Still got many issues. May be it is still too early even after one year...

It seems to me the builtin browser only go to web pages that it likes!

1. fresh install version 5.5.5

2. create a Login record with Website: and random strings for Username and Password.

3. tap on the URL

4. builtin browser starts but it is blank, even the address is blank

Same problem with many sites like,  but it works for,

And if I go to the browser and type in the URL, I would have no problem to go the site!

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issues you have. Thankfully, we are not experiencing any major issues or bugs with 99% of customers and continue to provide bug fixes for issues a few customers run into.

What version of iOS are you using? This might be an http/https issue. Many sites have a redirect from http to https and our built-in browser is having issues with certain sites' redirect settings. This is generally an iOS 10 or below isssue. Please add https:// to your URLs and you should have no issues with our built-in browser here.

iOS 11.4, msecure 5.5.5, iPhone 5S.

Seems this issue is still bugging the latest iOS.  Adding https seems to help but it's a rather cumbersome workaround.  It just show the software isn't robust enough.

In addition,

1. The 'Logins' are showing all records of types with a URL field, e.g. Frequent Flyer.  Is it by design?  If so, it is just confusing and also strange for 'Logins' to include types that have URL but no username and password!

2. Can I customise the list of types (currently just  'All Items', 'Recents', 'Logins', 'Credit Cards', 'Secure Notes')?

3. Can iOS version have a Type filter like the one on Mac Desktop version?

I believe this to be an iOS issue with the http/https. As much as we'd like to, we can't force https for all URLs because not all websites are encrypted websites.

1. Yes, the Logins filter will show any record type in which the record type has a URL, username, and password. The Credit Cards filter will show any record type that has a credit card number, month/year, and sensitive number as well. 

2. No

3. Perhaps in the future, but that is not something we currently have planned. However, you can create and organize your information by groups and easily filter by groups.

I am not convinced this is an iOS issue as I just discovered this.:  The issue comes up when I  I tap the URL.  However, if I hold the field value and let the menu 'mSecure Browser | Safari | Copy' pop up and then select 'mSecure Browser', it works!


1. Do you mean 'URL, username, OR password'?  Frequent Flyer does not have username and password.   That's why I find it odd.

3. I reckon it should be implemented.

HI Kevin,

That's interesting. I'll document this and see if it can be fixed then. For the login feature, you need URL, username, and password fields on the record type. It doesn't matter if you have that in a record or not. If a type has those fields and you create a record of a type that has those fields, it will appear in the Logins filter.

We're also looking at better Group abilities and a tagging system in the future so the ability to filter by all record types in mSecure is something we might do.

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