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Chromebook Support

Will the Msecure Android app work on a Chromebook for which the Google Play Store is available. If not, will this be added in the future.

Hi John,

Thank you for contacting us. mSecure 5 is available on Chromebooks via the Android emulator ability on some Chromebooks. If you have access to the Google Play Store on your Chromebook, you can find and download mSecure 5 for your laptop. However, we have had mixed reviews or comments on the ability the authenticate on Chromebooks. Since the app is an Android app, it is contained to a separate Android system. If you are needing to authenticate on your Chromebook, please make sure to use an Android app such as the Gmail Android app in order to view/save your QR image file. Otherwise, you won't be able to authenticate your mSecure account on a Chromebook. 

Hope this makes sense and I'm happy to help if you need help!

Just thought I share since I spent a minute figuring out how to get this to work on my Chromebook. Now that you can download Android apps from the play store, click on this link to install  

Then since cameras are unsupported, take a screen shot on your chromebook so that you can have a png file. I placed mine in downloads, then open up MSecure5 and authenticate. Choose to import file and go to the file in which you placed the screenshot and select it. That should be it! 

I found when I set it up initially, it was loading for awhile so i closed the app and reopened. After entering my password, it resynced and everything seems to work now. 

I should say I was using the google pixelbook when doing this. 

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