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Can't sync with iPhone running 11.3.1

Used to work OK but tried today and no go. Turned off firewall as suggested still no go.Running mSecure for windows 3.1.5


Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  Are you trying to use mSecure 5 on your iPhone? What sync method are you tying to use here? It sounds like it might be WiFi syncing, but it would be good to know exactly what sync feature you're trying to use. What version or versions of mSecure are you trying to use here? If trying to use mSecure 4 on your iPhone with mSecure 3 on your computer, can you please update to a newer version of mSecure 3 for Windows? The latest version of the old app is mSecure 3.5.6. You can download it directly here:

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