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Single touch copy to clipboard on iOS

This has been mentioned in other posts but I couldn't find it as a feature request.

In older iOS versions of mSecure just touching an item (such as a password) copied it to the clipboard

mSecure5 for iOS requires a redundant extra click - first the item is highlighted and then an extra click is required to copy to the clipboard.

Is there any reason for the change?

Hi Andy,

We often received complaints that the sensitive password was far too easy to copy and some customers felt that it was a security issue in the past. However, we are going over this and I believe we will implement the primary action of the tap to be a copy in the future. The tap will copy the password and notify the user, but still bring up the extra options so that a user can reveal the password if needed instead. I'm not sure when this change will be implemented though.

No particular reason?  This explains a TON about this release, and will probably push me away permanently.

It is clear mSeven doesn't understand user experience.  You don't change something that works WITHOUT A REASON.  Especially not in an app that no one actually wants, but they have and use out of an increasing necessity.  

Hi Charles,

I'm sorry that you did not enjoy my wording. I will edit it so that others aren't as upset as you. I did state reasons for the change after stating that there was no particular reason.

I am im complete agreement with Charles. That was one of the most used features for me. Having to select an item and then having to select copy is an extra step that is messing up the user experience.  Please put the single click to copy to clipboard back in the iOS version

Any update on this? I am really missing the ability to copy passwords with one touch. Please bring this “feature” back.

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