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Password changed on another device message

I have Msecure 5.5 installed on my MacBook, iPhone, and iPad. When logging into my MacBook I'm being told I changed my password on another device, and I must use this password to log in. I did not. I can still use my current password on my other devices, but not my laptop. Not sure now how to access my laptop version. 

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Paul, I’m getting the same message on iPad, iPhone & Windows10 laptop. I reported it over 24 hours ago but have not gotten any response other than a password to let me into here so. I can see my support ticket.

Good Day, I got same message on my iphone today, and also have not made any changes. Sadly, I cannot login to the app on my phone anymore as my known password does not work. I will open a  ticket but is interesting see other have same issue.

The exact same issue on my iPhone just this morning.  I made no changes on any other device.  I too am stuck as my known password (and hint) now do not seem to work!

Same issue here:

The iPhone version remembers the password correctly, the windows 10 version does not.

An out of sync issue or is it something more frightening?

Good Day,

Today I got response from mSecure, but it was not yet a fix. And I was still unable to login to my iPhone with my known password. 

I had a suspicion it was reaching out to the cloud to see the 'password change on another device' error, so I disabled wifi and put phone in airplane mode so no Internet access. Closed the app on the iphone, restarted app and Aha. I was able to login to mSecure with my known password, and it did not prompt me for the 'new' password. Able to access the app as normal while phone was off internet access.

However, enabling wifi and/or cell use again causes the same issue as before. So this is not a fix, but just a rather inconvenient workaround to at least temporarily access your data until a fix is completed. Also, proved my known password was legit, I wasn't crazy :)

The above is my experience, not advice, just hope it may help someone else who was effectively locked out such as me.

Hi everyone,

I'm sorry about the scare you might have had with this. Please use this topic which I created early Monday morning to learn about the issue or discuss it:

Just to make sure everyone sees the other topics message here it is: 

Hi everyone,

Unfortunately, we are experiencing issues with expired login sessions at the moment. Our system is 100% protected and secure. However, customers who have been signed in to an account without reinstalling the app or having to go back to the full sign in process for over a year, will be have expired login sessions and will need to sign back into the app. Unfortunately, our app is not handling that process properly at the moment because it is giving users the message we provide when a customer changes their account password on a device. Additionally, iOS and Android users will have to use their account password to unlock the app and have to set up Touch ID/Fingerprint access again afterwards: mSecure 5 -> Settings -> Enable Touch ID/Fingerprint

We are working to fix this issue. Sorry about the panic and inconvenience this might have caused.

Important note: no account password was touched or changed here. If you are having unlock problems, it's going to be because the account password you are trying to use isn't exactly what should be used. Please use this guide to go over possible account unlock or sign in issues:

You can also make sure to close and restart mSecure 5 when trying to unlock the app.

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