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Display how many records just sync'd (like previous version)

Previous versions of mSecure would display the number of records just sync'd.   Version 5 doesn't show that level of detail.  I would like that function returned, or at least make it a user option in the Preferences.

Also, the macOS desktop version seems to sit at "Syncing..." for a long time.   In one case I timed it at more than 20 minutes.  That's unacceptable. Is there a log file or something I can check to see why its displaying that for so long?

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I like this idea as a safety feature. In V4, a couple times the synced item count didn't match what i expected, which alerted me to something I'd screwed up in some of my records. Valuable feature! If implemented, should include counts of added, deleted, and changed items like V4 does.

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