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Follow up on a couple of bugs

Just wanted to remind you that the two issues I pointed out several months ago have still not been fixed. • Square image cropping in custom icons (and attachments) is off about a quarter of an inch off. I did point this out in version 4.56 too. • Still no way to delete custom icons.

Hi Jon,

Thank you for the reminder. Both issues have been documented. I'm not sure when the cropping issue will be fixed exactly, but we should have the ability to delete custom icons on iOS/Mac soon.

*REMINDER* Two updates this week and both of the above mentioned bugs are still bugging.

Hi Jon,

Are you referring to this issue?


If so, this is from our developers:

Unfortunately this is a bug in iOS... Maybe Apple will fix in iOS 12 (although the bug apparently has been around a long time). 

We will wait until iOS 12 and see if iOS 12 fixes the iOS issue. If not, we will see about what we can do to fix this iOS issue on our app. For now, you can add custom icons on Android, Mac, or Windows instead.

Eden, for some reason the attached photo above isn’t showing for me... ...But it’s this issue. 

Ok. Looks like you are referring to the same issue I was. This is an iOS issue and are developers are going to wait until iOS 12 to see if Apple fixes the issue themselves. The issue is deferred for us at the moment.

Thanks for the update.

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