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Recommendations for archiving

 I have a lot of old items. I'd like to delete them. Is there any way to archive them before I delete them so that I can bring them back if necessary?

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Hi Hal,

Thank you for the feature request. mSecure 5 already does something like this. Whenever you delete a record in mSecure 5, that record will go to our Deleted Items section. Records in the Deleted Items section are not displayed in searches or filters. Additionally, you can go into the Deleted Items section and either permanently delete the record or recover the record if you wish.

I use the ARCHIVE group for legacy entries that I do not want to delete.  However, I frequently would like to view ALL entries EXCEPT those that are DELETED or ARCHIVED.

Is there a way to do this?

These are some good suggestions. Archiving and hide archived entries would be very useful.

Say someone with hundreds or thousands of entries can organise themself better. Those who have hundreds of entries which are not useful any more and would like to archive those entries instead of deleting them so they can refer to later in case needed.

I also would love to have a separate ARCHIVE section, with ability to restore like the current DELETED section. With many records going back many years it would be most useful to have that additional classification feature.

@Marek We have this feature high on our priority list. I would expect to see it included in either the 6.2 or 6.3 relelase.

That is great to hear, thanks.

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