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How to delete custom icons

I have some custom icons imported in the app. I have imported 3 to 4 logos of same entry to check which image looks better.

Now there is no option to delete already imported custom icons. This was possible in mSecure 4.

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Exactly - its difficult to know what they will look like until you try them - and then they are there forever even when you know you'll never use them

Hi guys,  

Not being able to remove the custom icons was an oversight on our part. That option will be added back into the app soon. It's already available on Android and will be available in the next Windows update.

I hope it is also available on iOS and Mac.

As, I said, it will be.

Hi Eden,

To fix broken things in the "Allow PDF Attachments" thread I was referring to this (delete custom icons).

So when will this be added on iOS or Mac app? From your answer in other thread I understand this is pushed back to spring/summer.

My complaint is why don't you release minor updates to fix such things? It was already available in mSecure 4 and broken in mSecure 5. Why do you need 10 months to solve this? Is it hard to implement?

I must say mSecure team is very very slow in fixing things or pushing updates for new basic features. 10 months to 1 year old things are still on Planned Stage.

Hi Dharmil,

Honestly, I'm not sure why this wasn't updated (nothing broken. but I understand having a missing ability or function is not optimal) in one of our many minor updates. This is not an issue of it being hard to implement. We do actually fix things fairly quickly though. We released 35 different updates last year both adding new features such as syncing features, custom icons, iOS autofill, dark theme for Mac, and also lots of fixes. Some of our plans simply require longer planning and implementation periods. The allow pdf attachments and the allow removal of custom icons are simply not set as priorities at the moment. However, both will be implemented in a bigger update/release this year.

The problem still continue , ehat will we do??

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