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Msecure 4 & 5 on same phone

I upgraded to Msecure5 on my iPhone X.  Now I have both Msecure4 and Msecure5 on the phone.  Do they use the same data store?  Can I safely remove Msecure4 without affecting Msecure 5?  

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Hi Penny,

Thank you for contacting us. mSecure 5 is a completely separate app. Nothing you do on it or with it will affect the previous versions. Feel free to remove mSecure 4 whenever you are ready.

So I have version 4 on my iphone 7 and version 5 on my iphone x how do I get the data from the version 4 to he phone with version 5?

Hi Rick,

Please use this guide to learn how to transfer your information from mSecure 4 to mSecure 5:

I also have both versions on my iPhone. I think I downloaded the new one by mistake but now I am using Version 5 so I guess I don't need version 4. How do I get Version 5 on my computer. I want to type in the data using my pc and have it sync to my phone since it is much easier to type on my computer and I will be able to copy and paste from stuff I have on my computer like email addresses, etc. Thanks!

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