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mSecure 5.5.3 Released

Hi everyone,

mSecure 5.5.3 with translation support for French, German, Italian, and Spanish was just released yesterday for iOS and Mac. The Windows version will be out hopefully today. Otherwise, the Windows and Android update will be out early next week with translation support.

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What happens to our information after last login attempt? Thank you!

Hi Suzie,

.Thank you for contacting us. I'm not sure if I understand your situation exactly here. What version of mSecure are you using? What kind of devices are you using here? What do you mean when you ask about what happens after the last login attempt? Did you enable our Self Destruct option? If so, when the self-destruct option is enabled, after your last login attempt, mSecure will reinstall itself on your devices. A reinstall will cause all the information to be removed from the app.

If using mSecure 4, you'll need to set up a new login password afterwards and restore your information from a backup file or set up one of our sync features.

If using mSecure 5, you'll need to sign back in to your account. If using mSecure Cloud, your information will be available to you right afterwards. If using a different sync option, you'll have to enable that option. If not using a sync feature, you'll have to restore your information from a backup file.

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