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Linux Desktop

 Hi, I'm a newbie to this forum, but a long time Msecure user. I couldn't find any reference to Linux in the Forum discussions, so I'd like to request a Linux version of Msecure desktop. I can't bring myself to install Windows 10 and of course Msecure Desktop doesn't install on XP. But I've been migrating to Linux, and would love to take Msecure 5 with me. Thanks

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Just an update - I exchanged some messages with Mike; they were interested in getting me the details I needed in order to write something (like the key derivation function and parameters they’re using), but they were also pretty busy with the 6.1 release at the time. I’ll check back in with them after 6.1’s out the door. Just to set expectations, though - I’m not planning to release anything without their approval, and they haven’t said anything along those lines yet. So this might come to nothing… but we can hope. :-)

+1 for Linux (Pop!OS/Ubuntu)

I'm considering migrating from Windows 10 to Linux Mint and the only thing holding me back now is mSecure. I've been using mSecure via local sync to share secure information (bank, credit card, login, etc) with my wife. We're still using mSecure 4 on our phones and 3.5 on our Windows machines. We would very much like a Linux version of mSecure, which we'll gladly pay for.

+1 for Linux (Raspberry Pi)


My workaround to the problem of no linux support ;-) has been to install Oracle Virtual box to run Windows (as a guest OS) on my  linux host, and simply install/run msecure on the virtual Windows. That works fine (also for msecure wifi syncs, which is what I use to sync my Android phone). Of course this requires a WindowsOS license for when you install Windows as the guest OS...

If this seems a crumby solution, note that it also solves the problem for other hardware that does not  provide Linux support (e.g. my Samsung phone!)

 Thank You for requesting the linux version! +1 from me

I, too, want a Linux version of mSecure. My mac-mini server died on me, and I have to get a new "working" machine. I use Windows 11 at my job, and even though the OS has been modified and customized for my company, MS still sticks adds for it's products on landscape screens, search bars, etc. Google has decided, now that Every Major OS browser is Chromium-based that now is the time to get rid of Firefox, and released a new, non-open source interface that excludes Firefox. Apple's Mx chipset has a security vulnerability in it's design of the data pre-cache fetch. So I don't want Windows, Chrome, or Apple. I was thinking of getting an Intel running Linux, but then I'd have to give up mSecure. And BitDefender. The reason you aren't seeing droves of Linux users clamoring for mSecure is that Linux is considered a "college student" OS that they'll grow out of. Since there's no revenue stream for manufactures to put Linux as an OS (as opposed to Windoze) you see it used for companies to run their production systems on, and people who can't afford "real" OSes. So the everyday user often is not aware of Linux. There is a secure Linux password safe, but I want mSecure.

How about you guys create a version for Windows that runs in the WSL on Linux and don't tell your Windows customers that's what they're doing.? :-)

@Michael J. Bird Thank you for your feedback. While understand everything you're saying here, and I agree that a Linux app would be great to support, we simply don't have the resources right now to port mSecure over to that platform. If we could be relatively certain the return on investment would be good within a certain period of time, we may be able to prioritize something like this, but due to way Linux is viewed, like you mentioned in your post, there's simply no way to count on recouping the revenue it would cost to port the app over to Linux. It's never for certain that we won't do it, but at this current time in our company, we just don't have the resources for an undertaking of this nature.

Michael, Mike

My own 'workaround' to the absence of Linux support from msecure is to use Oracle's Virtualbox,  i.e. to run Windows OS as a guest under my Linux host. That works fine, and in any case I need to have access to Windows to backup my Samsung phone (Samsung also does not provide any linux support ;-),  to run my ancient flatbed scanner (for which there is no linux USB driver), etc.

Perhaps not an elegant solution, but simple to do-- just a few extra mouse clicks needed.

I sympathise  with mSecure's position but I eventually let my subscription lapse and have moved to bitwarden which is multi-platform. I'm sure there are nuances and pluses/minuses of the different products but my needs are pretty basic and it works ok for me.

@John, @Dougie Thank you both for your feedback. @John, I wasn't even aware you could run a full-blown Windows install on Linux. We had a user ask about a side-loadable version to try to run on a Mint distro, but he was not able to get it working. I'll have to let people know about using Virtualbox to get mSecure on Linux. I know, not the most elegant solution, but at least it's possible =)

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