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Linux Desktop

 Hi, I'm a newbie to this forum, but a long time Msecure user. I couldn't find any reference to Linux in the Forum discussions, so I'd like to request a Linux version of Msecure desktop. I can't bring myself to install Windows 10 and of course Msecure Desktop doesn't install on XP. But I've been migrating to Linux, and would love to take Msecure 5 with me. Thanks

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Hi Eden, and thanks for the welcome. I'm using Debian 8.7 Cinnamon for my Unix system. I know that I'm a bit of a dinosaur regarding XP, but it is very stable, and I'm really not a fan of Microsoft's heavy handed restrictions on the newer OSs. Still, it's getting harder to keep using XP, so I'm looking for alternatives to some of my favorite, and constantly used programs. Bottom line is that I'll give up programs to avoid moving to another MS product. So I hope that the Linux community will start waving the flag and clamoring for Msecure for their systems. By the way, I think that the cloud is a security disaster waiting to happen, so it's notan option for me as far as backups or syncronization goes.  Having said all that, I hope that Msecure can see its way to a LInux version, because I think it's a great product.

Still no plans for Linux, but browser plugins will be here for Mac at first release of v6 and will be available for Windows in a future release of v6.

Sstill no use (anymore) of msecure.  Secure "own solution" adopted. Sorry, enjoy the "happy" and "unaware"  OSX/Windows/Iphone/Android customers.

Hello All,

I 2nd this request and I a currently running Manarjo Linux and would be open to testing as well. I have tried getting the client running in Wine and that works however it cannot sync with the database.


+1 -- I would love to see support for Linux, or at least for a Chrome browser plugin that works on Linux.

Hello Mike,

thanks for your answer. For the future that sounds good. As one can find after little searching, the UWP concept seems to have more or less failed or at least is neither polular under developers nor users. Therefore Microsoft has announced more flexibility in the future with the "Project Reunion". That could possibly solve the problem in a clean way - at least I hope that.  How do you see this as professional developers?

Regarding a short-term solution in the sense of your question and this thread: I have little experience with Wine, especially not with the more recent versions (mainly because open source Linux software becomes better and better, and because there is VirtualBox to make seamless integration of Windows apps on Linux desktop possible). But as most users here, I would not boot a virtual Windows machine just to look up my password for a login in a Linux app. But doing it with the mSecure mobile app all the time is not much better either...

However, there are people who were successful in installing UWP apps under Wine. It does not sound too complicated. See this Blog entry: Is it possible to run Windows 10 UWP apps on Ubuntu? It did not try that yet for mSecure.

Do you think you can supply a solution on the basis of that concept?

Hi Oliver,

It does look like the UWP experiment is going to be ditched here soon, at least in its current form. I'm sure the Microsoft Store will continue to operate, but the apps that are there will be able to be run like normal WPF apps, like it always should have been =)  From our standpoint as developers, this couldn't happen soon enough. It turned out that UWP apps have quite a bit of functionality cut off from them due to sandboxing issues, and major work-arounds were needed for certain functionality. The main feature it affected is our browser extensions in the upcoming mSecure 6. We're having to wait on implementing those due to some restrictions that require very strange work-arounds. Since they are going to be unifying the app platforms soon, we decided to wait to implement the extensions instead of trying to implement those work-arounds.

As for solutions for Linux, so far as I'm aware, there aren't any aside from virtualization. It looks like in the article you sent, the may be some way to get files needed to install apps natively in Wine, but we definitely don't support anything like that, and I'm not sure how or if it would work at all for mSecure. If you can run Windows in VirtualBox though, it looks like that would work as that's simply installing mSecure into the Windows OS running virtually in Linux.

Thanks for your input Fabio! Still no active plans for a Linux client, but it's always on our radar.

Excellent!  Then my best greetings to your active and non-active plans. 

(passively looking for alternatives on linux)

I would like to add my voice to getting a Linux version of mSecure desktop. 

Just a point to consider once you have a desktop for Linux it would then appear in the software manager which would then help push your software to a whole group of untapped users.

Msecure is friendly and well debugged for my use with Android and Win10 (not sure about MacOSs), and I use the local home network sync feature (rather than the msecure cloud sync).

The real problem is MS-Windows and its total invasion/taking control of your "Personal" computer. So I am abandoning  Win10 on my desktops and moving to Linux (Mint, i.e. Debian/Ubuntu). What a shame there is no linux support for msecure...

I at present use Keepass on my linux desktops-- but it's a real pain in the ass as to 'sync' files, as to do that I need to msecure export then Keepass import .CSV files. And that only really works if all mesecure records are kept as one type (otherwise the Keepass importing process is far too laborious...), and you'd bettter not use backslashes in your msecure passwords!!

I just hope the msecure team come-up with a Linux package, although I understand that market rules make this a low priority for them.

I, too, would appreciate a linux app.

@Dougie It's possible we'll have a web client at some point in the future. At this time, however, we don't have plans to serve up mSecure information in a web-based app.

+1 for Linux (Pop!OS/Ubuntu)

Adding another +1 to the web-based integration. I would also still request a Snap, an Appimage, an anything for Linux; The Wifi sync would be much nicer for my use case to have on a machine that is on all the time, I normally don't keep multiple of my machines running at once.

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