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Forum issues

- no ability to edit a post within certain timeframe e.g. 15m - paragraph breaks are removed when posting from my Android phone Ben

Hi Ben,

Unfortunately, this is a limit with our new forum software and there's not much I can do about this inability. That said, I have asked FreshDesk about this ability and if it's on their roadmap for the near future. I will get back to you with their response on this soon. I'm also lacking the ability to split a comment/reply to its own topic which is something I really need since customers seem to reply randomly sometimes.

Not creating a new topic.

Give an option to quote a post.

Example there are 10 posts in a topic and I wan't to reply to the 3rd post, it would be easy to quote that post and reply. Instead of using @ to address that person.

Just found this topic... (from a previous post)

Issues with this forum: 

  1. Can't show BOLD character type. 
  2. Preview of a post in context, not available. 
  3. Editing of post by the author, not available. 
  4. Nesting by author or title of the post, not available. 
  5. Search by author name, topic, title of post, not available. 
  6. Pictures appearance in a post within post, not controllable. Pictures always at end along with all attachments. 

I login using the google icon but there is no way to change to a normal login, when I try to edit the profile and add a password it tells me to add the current one which I don't have because I login using google

How do I switch?

Hi Hirah,

I'm not sure exactly what you are trying to do here. If you first signed in via Google, you can continue to use Google to sign in to this support website. There is no need to try to sign in via an email address and password when you've previously selected Facebook, Google, or Twitter. However, if you are wanting to stop using those services to sign in and sign in via an email address instead, you can logout of your current account, go to the login page, and select the "Forgot Password?" option to set your email address's password. After you've changed your support account password, you'd be able to either sign in using the account email address and password or via the Facebook, Google, and(or) Twitter options.

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