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Support partial passwords

Adding previous forum feature requests here:

Many financial organizations - especially outside the US use a partial password method to login.

For example you might be asked to enter characters 3,7 and 13 from a 15 character password.

It is difficult with mSecure5 to identify the positions of these characters.

Workarounds that might help (in lieu of a proper solution) would be to allow multiline passwords and permit use of a monospaced font - allowing:



A better solution would be a new field type that would automatically display the character position.

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Hi Andy,

Thank you for adding this feature request again. I have documented the request in our system. Thankfully, you'll now be able to view which feature requests we will be implementing, working on, deferring, or not implementing thanks to our new forums! 

The ability to follow the status of feature requests is helpful - however the majority of those requests have not been assigned a status.

Hi Andy,

For a lot of the feature requests, we have not made a decision on the feature request or whether or not we will be implementing such a request. We will only assign a status to a feature request that we've made a decision on. 

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