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Items’ type editing

I’ve just upgraded and purchased the latest version of mSecure from version 3. Restored the backup from previous version. Now I wish to modify some of my items’ type but I can’t find the way to change it. There is only group field for me to edit but not type field. What should I do?

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Hi Sim,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you're experiencing. A record's type cannot be changed in mSecure 5. In the previous version, we started out with an unassigned type record whenever you created a new record. You can then change the record type to something else. With mSecure 5, you start off by selecting the kind or record time you'd like to create to begin with. You'll need to recreate the record in mSecure 5.

Alternatively, you can export the record(s) in question to a CSV file, format the CSV file properly by changing the type in the CSV file, make any edits in mSecure 5 that you need (any additional fields in that record type must already be set in mSecure 5 when importing), and import the CSV file in mSecure 5. This is a more advanced option and I would highly suggest creating an mSecure backup file before trying it. 

Please let me know you have any more questions here.

I was very happy with msecure v3.5 (as I don't use cloud syncing), but I just upgraded to v5.5 to ensure forward support of OS compatibility.  I am currently an Android and Win10 user. Version upgrade and input of my old v3.5 records via   a v3 5 backup file restored to desktop v5.5 was simple. v5.5 is a great product--well done.
But your reply to Eden is really lame: you just propose a laborious workaround to what should be a simple type-edit operation (which is frequently needed to 'tidy up' record lists). Please change this--it might be awkward for you to recode, but this absence of editing a type change is an embarrassing and messy 'bug/feature' of v5.5)


Hi John,

Thank you for your feedback here.

I'm in agreement with John Morse. When upgrading to v5 I wasn't aware that a simple feature such as changing an unassigned record to an assigned record would be removed. This is very inconvenient.

I also agree with John, although he uses a much more advanced technical explanation. It doesn’t make sense to remove a handy feature, such as the ability to edit the type within a saved item, from an updated “improved” version. How difficult can it be for the company to add this feature?

Please correct asap this bug.  It is really embarasing not to be able to edit the type of an item....


Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update here. In mSecure 6, you will be able to change the type for your records. It's already working in our internal test versions and will be available to our customers as soon as possible!


That's good news about type editing available in msecure6. Well done!

All we need now is the Linux version of msecure   ;-)

How many inquiries about this until Msecure 6 is released?

Hi Aaron,

There is quite a bit more to the version 6 release than just the ability to change the type template used for a record, but it is getting close.

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