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Allow PDF Attachments

Adding previous forum feature requests here.

This feature is currently only available on the Android app in mSecure 5. However, we do have plans to add the feature to all other platforms in the near future.

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Just purchased the pro version. I too would like to see us able to attach pdf files instead of just pictures.

Still no PDF attachment capability?   The question was brought up over 2 years ago...any movement to get this feature added to the Program?

Hi Everyone,

The ability to add PDF attachments will be added in version 6, our next major release. We are working on that release now, and it's nearly ready for its first beta release.

Very disappointed PDF support for IOS is not available. I should have purchased Pocket Files app instead of mSecure. Users should let friends know there is a better app to buy.

@Robert PDF attachment and viewing will be available in mSecure 6, which is in the beta testing phase now. It will be released to the public soon.

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