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QR code Invalid (both on Mac and Ipad pro)

Hi I am happy with msecure (i started at least with v.4) on my Iphone (currently 14 pro max) where i am able to use it flawlessly. I have tried on many devices (recently on a mac mini) to install msecure 6 also but everytime i am asked to scan QR code but the response is always the same "INVALID"

I also tried to change password on my msecure 6.1.5 on iphone and generate a new QR code to see if that helps... it doesnt.

Please any advice ?

email of my msecure account is the same as this one here thanks

Hi mike

Yes i followed your instruction on backing up and resetting account.  now to your questions:

1) yes in that order (remove from phone 1st)

2) i am afraid  that before reinstalling on the phone i did SIGN IN on the mac (which was a fresh new installation as i was never able on that mac to validate QR CODE from phone, nor was i on the ipad either). I was able with the NEW PASSWORD to initialize a fresh new copy of msecure on mac. my BACKUPS are visible but i am asked for a password. I then tried to open the BACKUP EMAIL but the mac says "This is not an mSecure for Mac file and cannot be opened with mSecure.". so i moved to iphone and now see point 3.

3) Iphone is ok but i cannot open backups (neither email or icloud stored) without using a password, i tried several including my latest and previous one but no luck

over to you before i go back using pen paper for all my passwords :)




sorry for the excitment: UPDATED SOLVED: i think the issue was the OLD password at the time of the BACKUP. Now i tried very carefully and typed in the correct PREVIOUS password (after reset i cahnged to a new one) and it worked, magically i can see my records (all of them (both on mac and PC (of course on Ios too).

Mike, thanks so much


Hi Piero,

Thank you for the clarification. To reiterate, you cannot open a backup file like you mentioned. If you right-click and choose open file, or if you double-click on the backup file, it will not open and you'll see the message you are getting on your Mac. In order to restore from a backup, you have to first open mSecure and then restore it through mSecure's UI.

On Mac, the restore is as follows:

  1. Download the backup file from your email app to your desktop or anywhere on your Mac
  2. Open mSecure and enter your password to unlock it
  3. Click "File > Restore" in the menu bar at the top left of your screen
  4. Enter the password from BEFORE you rest your account (again, it might be the same password, but if not, the new password will not work)

One more clarification, as mentioned before, backup file cannot in any way be altered by an account reset. Those files are self-contained snapshots of your encrypted data. Nothing you do in mSecure, or any other app on your devices, can ever altar those files. This means that if you were able to restore from one of those files before you reset your account, you will be able to restore from it now as long as you are using the correct password. This was the very reason I had you create AND restore the backup before your reset your account. If you are not able to restore from the backup file, it is because the password you are entering is not correct. It's either a simply misspelling or "fat-fingering" a character, but if the password is correct, the data will be able to be restored.

After trying to restore your backup on your Mac, what happens?

Mac shows all my records and sync all with iOS Mike

That is great news Piero! I think I may have missed your last post somehow, because it looks like you told me the issue was resolved before my last post =)  At any rate, it is great to hear everything is working now! Please let me know if you need further assistance Piero.

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