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6.1 has arrived!


Finally see that 6.1 is available on iOS! (thats not meant to be read as a snide comment, more that I'm excited for it!)

Will have a proper play with it later. But initial comments:

1) Love the 'Whats New' section, very helpful. I was wondering if it would be better to have a persistent splash screen upon opening up the app of the new features until such point the user manually dismisses / disables the splash screen? At the moment it feels like its in the depths of the settings menu and people may miss it.

2) The link to the upcoming roadmap from the 'Whats New' section is broken - page not found

3) Biggest feature I've been waiting for is the password history, wohoo! I love it. Couple of points on it though. Firstly, I can't seem to 'copy / paste' each individual passwords in the password history. Secondly, is there a way to edit the password history? e.g. to delete certain entries or to set some housekeeping on it so it removes anything after 5 different password changes to keep things tidy, or do they just permanently store the password history forever in read only mode?


@Ai, I got the 6.1 update on my main Windows 11 system in the last few days. Not exactly sure when it arrived as I don't use MSecure every day, but it was on 6.1 yesterday.

@Jon, thanks for confirming that. I wonder why I haven't received mine yet. I'll have to look into it. Thanks again.

@Mike. I see that 6.1.1 is out for iOS. The copy feature on the password history works great now. Thanks for the quick turnaround!

For some reason I still can't see an update to the MS Store to update my Windows PC app. Any ideas why this could be?

Sorry guys for the late response. I had a busy day yesterday!

@Ai I'm not sure why you haven't got access to the update yet, but it should be available. For Windows, there is definitely no rollout feature, so when it's published, that's it. It goes out all at once to all our customers. Now that doesn't mean it actually gets to everyone's computer immediately, of course, but there's nothing we can do to speed up that process. The only thing I can think is for some reason it's not yet propagated through all of the Microsoft Store's servers, but that still seems like a strange problem. It's been about a week now, so you should have it on your PCs. I would have thought everyone would have it within no more than a day of its release. If you do figure out what's happening, please do let me know.

@Jon I'll talk to our developer about this, but for what we're doing here, storing the EAK in Windows Web Credentials is a standard. It's encrypted data that needs to persist on the computer. Since Microsoft made it a global object, I know there's a reason for that, and I don't believe it provides any security risk for mSecure. You are correct that we could mention the EAK is stored in Windows Web Credentials and will be available on different profiles. However, I still don't know how that is seen as a liability. Are you thinking there's going to be a way for a hacker to create a new profile on your computer without your knowledge to steal your EAK?

I am all for making a change in how we're doing things here, but I do need to know why the change should be made. There are a couple of reasons we have not mentioned what we're talking about here. First, and most important, it should not be just any profile that can access the Web Credentials on your computer. To my knowledge, only Administrator accounts have access to them. So if you were to simply set up a profile that did not have admin access, that profile should not have access to your EAK. When you set up the profile on your computer Ken, did you set it up as an Admin profile?

Second, in order for this to be a problem, a hacker would have to steal your computer in order to have access to the EAK. In that case, you should always be changing first your mSecure password and then your other account passwords right away. And if you do that, it wouldn't matter that the EAK is anywhere on your computer. Also, if a hacker stole your computer, it wouldn't matter that the EAK could be accessed on other profiles. They would need to get Admin access, but that might not be difficult for a good hacker. In that case, they would simply be into your account and get whatever they want. I specifically mention a hacker in this example, because that would be the only person who would ever try to brute force attack the EAK to get access to your mSecure account. If it was a spouse or a child or friend, unless you know them to be hackers, they would never be able to do anything with that data.

Again, we are definitely open to us making changes here, so I'm really hoping what I'm saying doesn't come across as defensive. Please do give me your feedback, and you to @Ai if you would like, and we'll keep the discussion going as long as needed.

@Mike - still trying to have a play around why I can't get the update, one thing that sprung to mind is that before I think you put me into the beta / test queue for updates, just making sure that hasn't anything to do with it and ruling that out?

@Ai Ok, well, I was able to find your email address in one of the beta lists, so maybe that's causing the problem. It's not supposed to, because you're supposed to be served the the newest build you have access to. So since you have downloaded the production version onto your devices, even though you were on a beta list, the beta is an older version that what's in the store. However, I did remove it, so let's see it that fixes the problem.

Go ahead and stop the Store app and restart it. Then click Library and then Get Updates. Did 6.1 become available?

@Mike - good news! That worked. 6.1 available to me in the MS Store on both my Win 10 and Win 11 PC's. Thanks for that!

One thing I noticed straight away though...the password history seems to be clearing when I sync in the Win 10 / 11. There seems to be some odd behaviour. I'll play around with it and give you a more specific example.

 I am also not seeing mSecure 6.1 in the Windows Store and was part of the beta as well.  Mike

@Ai That's great it took care of the problem, and I'm sorry I didn't realize what was happening before you mentioned it! It just never occurred to me that you wouldn't get the newest version of the app. I'll have to keep that in mind if/when I run into this again.

With regards to the password history, are you saying that you just don't see the password history on Windows? If so, I think this might be due to that information not syncing over to Windows. Does it sync right on all your other devices?

I don't see an update for mSecure in Windows Store version presently is

Beta issue ??

@Mike I just found you in a beta list as well. I removed your email address, so maybe that will fix the issue for you to. Do you see mSecure in the Store app after closing and reopening, then clicking the Library button in the bottom left, and the clicking Get Updates?

no...still not showing

@Noella Are you saying you're not seeing mSecure in the Microsoft Store or are you talking about the Apple App Stores? I just responded to you in another thread about how the rollout works for Apple's App Stores. However, I didn't think in that thread that you could have been talking about the Windows version of the app.

I’m not seeing it in Apple app store
And not in windows Microsoft atore

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