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Moving from Passwords Plust to mSecure Import issue

Good day folks, I'm not happy about loosing Passwords plus at all but when given no choice you do what ya gotta do. 

So I'm here and the first issue to appear is a special import feature for PWP users seems to be only available if we purchase on of the version of mSecure. 

Since Msecure is offered as a trial and that's exactly what I need as I'm going to be talking to a lot of my clients I want to fully vet this transition first. I down loaded from the MS store for Windows PC and the only option I saw to import was from some previous versions of mSecure. Obviously that dosen't help. 

How can we complete this import from PWP? 

I saw no other import options once setup was completed. 

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Hi Mike,

We were able to get a new beta build created with the fix we came up with. I sent you an email earlier today. I'll await your response to that email.

Should have gotten the response.

I got it Mike! I just sent you a response via email.

MIke I got that installed and so far we look good on the CRC import. I'll update you ASAP after a little more review and a test with My 1st client. 

Thank you

Hi Mike,

I mentioned in my last email that the build you have is a beta build, so not everyone has access to it. If you wanted to test it out with a client, I can get that client's Microsoft Store account email address, add them to the list, and then you could download it onto their PC.

Good morning Mike, I'm pretty sure the beta build is good to go. In fact would like to know when you have it published so I can start with my clients. 

On another note I did find a hicup on a search. Searched for data and nothing returned yet the data was indeed in the record. 

Do you want to start a new topic on that? 

Thanks again, Mike R

Hi Mike,

We are going to be publishing the new Windows build as soon as possible. I'll be submitting it to the Windows Store over the next couple of days, so I'm hopeful it will be available before the end of the week. It will just need to pass Microsoft's certification process first. I have your email ticket open in my queue, so when we get the new build published, I will send you a message to let you know.

For the searching issue, it would be good to start a new topic and we'll work on that issue in the new thread.

Thank you Mike !!

You're welcome Maria! Please let me know if you need further assistance.

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