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Authentication email never arrived

I am trying to log into mSecure on a new device.  I never received the authentication email (checked my junk mail).  I do not have my original email from years ago.  Can someone assist?

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Hi Susan,

Thank you for contacting us. The QR code, or your Encrypted Account Key, is only sent one time when you first set up your mSecure account. It doesn't get sent out again when you download the app on a new device, as that would break the security the QR code provides. The only way to re-send that email is if you currently have access to mSecure on at least one device. If you can't open mSecure 5 on at least one device, the the account would need to be reset in order to get a new Account Key.

Are you able to open mSecure on at least one other device?

Yes, I have access on my laptop, my iPad and my phone. I am trying to access on my husband’s laptop. He has an account, but doesn’t use it. I want to consolidate all of our passwords to my account and both of us use that one.

Hi Susan,

Ok, this should be no problem at all. On your iPhone, go ahead and open mSecure. Tap the menu icon in the top left corner, then tap Settings. In the Settings screen, tap Account Settings, then tap the option to View Authentication QR Code. Tap the button to re-send your QR code on the next screen. After you do that, you should receive a new Authentication Email, and you can use that to authenticate in mSecure on your husband's laptop.

Hi  Mike, 

I was able to generate that email an set up mSecure on my husband's ipad.  However, I still can't set it up on his laptop because we had installed to app and used it with the account that we set up for him, but that he has never used.  I have ended up working with both you and Nick on this.  In order not to confuse things, I'll keep working with him to try to get the laptop issue resolved.  If we are not successful, I'll come back to you.  Thank you for helping me retrieve my authentication credentials.

That's no problem at all Susan, and Nick should be able to help. In case you see this first, to get your husband's laptop mSecure signed in to your account, you'll simply need to reinstall the app. You can uninstall mSecure from the Start Menu then find mSecure in the Store app on his laptop then reinstall it. After it's reinstalling, you'll be able to sign in to your account and use the encrypted account key data in the Authentication Email to authenticate.

Thanks Mike, I’ll work with you since I haven’t heard back from Nick. I tried that twice and it didn’t work. I uninstalled the app and emptied the trash. When I download again it still won’t recognize my password and gives me no opportunity to authenticate. I’m pretty sure that that computer still wants the old account, Is there a way to just close that account so that, hopefully, I’ll be able to log into the one that we want to share?

Hi Susan,

The app doesn't remember which account it's signed in to if you delete it and then reinstall it. Reinstalling the app is the only way can change which account you are signed in to in mSecure 5. Can you tell me the username you are trying to sign in to so I can look up that account on our system?

Mike, I am trying to set up the account on my husband’s laptop. When I go to the App Store it has me download the app, not “get”, so it knows I have had it before. It tells me that my password is incorrect so I’m pretty sure that it is still looking for the gutsy5 account.

The reason that's happening is because you first have to uninstall mSecure from the Start Menu on your husband's PC. When you uninstall the app, the database and other settings are deleted from the device, then when you install it again, it will allow you to sign in to any account you would like.

What happens if you first click the Start menu, then right-click the mSecure app and uninstall it? After installing it again from the Store app, can you sign in to your account?

Mike, I have a copy of mSecure 3.5.6 that I purchased back in 2016. I cannot generate the QR code and I cannot find the mSecure.msecurekey file anywhere. I tried following you instructions above to display the QR code on my phone, top-left menue->settings->account settings. I did not find the Account Settings menu selection anywhere. I have even tried to repurchase an msecure license but it will not let me. Please help.

I am a user, not an admin. You probably want to start a new thread or figure out how to contact Ike directly. Admins will help you!

@Charlie mSecure 3 doesn't have the capability of generating a QR code. QR codes were introduced in mSecure 5 and are only sent out when you first sign up for an account or you resend the code from the Account Settings from any mSecure 5 app to which you already signed in.

Are you trying to upgrade from mSecure 3 to mSecure 5 by chance? If so, have you already created an mSecure 5 account?

Mike,  I can log into my original mSecure 3 account on my cell phone. That is where I have all my passwords stored. I have installed mSecure 5 on that same  phone and I have installed mSecure 3 and mSecure 5 on my PC. I cannot log into any of the mSecure 5 installs because of the authentication challenges. I cannot generate the QR code from any of my mSecure 5 installs anywhere. I don't recall ever receiving a QR code email or .msecurekey file at any time. I don't seem to have an upgrade path to mSecure 5 and to save all my stored passwords over the last 6 years. I am stuck.

Mike,  thanks.  You gave me enough of a clue how to fix my mSecure 5 problem. I had to reset my account and everything was good then. I received an email with the QR code and then I could sync my phone and the PC account. I made a backup copy of my mSecure 3 data and then imported it into my new account and now it got synced to my phone and my PC.

The new release app is a lot better that release 3.


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