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Changed Phones and after one access, I cannot use it anymore

I have recently changed phones and copied all my data across.  FaceID did not work, and my first attempt on the password did not, however, I tried again assuming I had made a spelling mistake and sure enough I had made a mistake and got in.  All data was in tact, but the account showed as a trail, yet I have the pro version. 

I then needed to access my information later in the day and could no longer get in.  The password I used in the morning to get in was no longer working.  Before swapping phones I did a backup of the data to iCloud and I have the QR code, what can I do to recover my information?  Is there anything I can do to check my information is secure?

Hi Michael,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. While I'm not sure what's happening here, we are sure that mSecure can't change the password out from underneath you. If the password entered manually previously was able to unlock the app, then it will work again if entered in exactly the same manner.

For clarification, the reason you were not able to use Face ID when you changed phones is because the face and fingerprint data stored in iOS's Secure Enclave are not synced over to new devices. This is why you have to set up your Face again on each new iOS device you get. The data stored for authenticating mSecure via Face ID is not synced over to new device, because it also is stored in the Secure Enclave using the Face ID feature. In short, you can never use Face ID to sign in to mSecure installed or restored on a new iOS device.

Do you still have access to your old phone by chance, and if so, are you able to open mSecure and view your information?

Hi Mike,

Understood, and I also find this completely weird.  The painful bit for me is that as I was able to get in I wiped the old phone as it went to someone else!!  I also appreciate that you have no access, this is why I chose your product, security!! Which works well when either my brain or fingers get things right!  Also one of the issues with using FaceID, while it is secure, your mind tends to forget passwords!

Is there a way of starting again and then bring back the backup from iCloud?  Or will the backup require the right authentication? Am I also able to see the backed up file in iCloud?



Another question, in the app there is a 'reset your password' option.  This states I can initiate a password reset, but it then also states it does not effect by mSecure 4 data.  However, I have mSecure 5 and did before this.  Does this mean I may lose data if I proceed??

Ignore all that...I have got back in....not sure how that happened, but the typo is actually in my password, not my memory of it!!!!

Now to work out how I re-activate this app on the phone...I will read the settings and your website see how I get on. 

So App still thinks it is the Free version, I have searched, but obviously using the wrong search strings as I cannot find any responses to my new request.  I have a Pro account, but the app wants me to buy the upgrade, thinks I am using version 4, but the app is version 5, thinks I was on trial which has expired.  Help!?

Hi Michael,

There is some good news here in that you were able to get back in to the app. That's great to hear! Now we need to figure out the other problem.

If it's showing you're in a free version of the app, that's typically caused by signing in to or creating a different account on your new device. I checked your account by searching our system with the email you are using here, and I was able to find it. It was created back in June of this year, and I'm not seeing a purchase for a license on the account. I also checked our purchase portal, and I was not able to find a purchase there, so unless you purchased the license using a different email address, it looks like you didn't make the purchase on our website.

Do you by any chance have a receipt for the purchase you made? If you made the purchase through any of the app stores on any of your devices, you should be able to see the receipt in your purchase history. As soon as I can find the purchase, I can just add a license to your account without any problem at all.

The big issue here is that if you are signed in to the same account that you were signed in to on your old phone, the account was not licensed on that device either. If that's the case, then data was not getting synced to any cloud service, nor was it getting backed up. Those are both paid features.

When you open the app now on your new phone, do you see your data?

Hi Mike,

I would have downloaded the app from the Apple App Store.  It would have used my Apple ID email which is  I first downloaded your app in 24 Aug 2011, the App Store then shows I downloaded ver 5 on 22 Sept 2018, but I think I went back to the old version as I did not want the cloud component.  When this was changed, I decided to move to ver 5.  I know the first download in 2011 was a free one.  Let me know if you find no evidence of payment.  I will also check my card balance for this past June.

Yes, I am able to see all my data

Hi Mike,

Something is really strange here, because I don't have any idea how you would have access to your data in mSecure on your new phone. I'm going to have you check something really quick. Open mSecure on your new phone, tap the menu button in the top left, then tap Settings. In the Settings screen, tap Account Settings. What email address do you see next to Username? Also, does it show you the account is a "Pro" account?

Nothing like a strange outcome for things!!

The email is my business email, and account type says Free.

All of which is weird as I was using FaceID on my last phone.



Hmm, thought I had added a comment!


Account type: Free

Hi Michael,

One thing I forgot to mention in my last response is that the old version of the was never given for free. If purchased from the iTunes App Store, while it did go on sale every now and again, the normal price was $9.99, and the app couldn't be downloaded without paying first. Also, the new mSecure 5 app does not have any knowledge of licensing in the older version of the app, so it's not basing its own licensed state on any previous versions of mSecure you were running.

Do you remember purchasing an mSecure 5 Pro license? If so, do you remember if you purchased it from our website or from within the app?

Hi Mike,

I only use Apple App store, so I would have had to have purchased it before downloading.  This will teach me to just wipe my old phone until I have everything up and running on my new one!

Hi Michael,

I think what might be happening here is that you are seeing your data in the older version of mSecure, but I'm not sure. Since your account is free, I don't know how the data would have populated in mSecure 5, unless it just happened when you restored your iPhone from a backup. I'm pretty sure the data doesn't get restored that way in mSecure 5, but I may be wrong. Just for my own understanding, when you tap on the mSecure app icon to view your data, are you tapping an icon with a very dark blue icon, or is it a lighter royal blue color?

Also, in order to look at all your purchases on your Apple ID, you can do so using this link:

At the top of the page that loads, tap or click the "Show purchase history" button at the top of the page, and it should open Music app on either iPhone or Mac to your Purchases page. There you can look through purchases either within the last 90 days by default, or you can choose to go back to any point in time in the past.

Were you able to find a purchase for mSecure 5? Some get confused because Apple refers to free downloads as purchases, but what I mean is do you see a purchase of $29.99 for an mSecure Pro license?

Hi Mike,

The below is what I see when I search for secure.  So there is no evidence that I paid for it on this page.  Also the download date is somewhat different as well.  I will assume that I will just pay for the licence now.image

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