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msecure 4 not working on ios 14.6

I know this is a problem  a lot of people are having. Has anyone found any solutions to this? Like others I have 100s of passwords and other data on there which I can't get access to. The lack of support and interest from msecure is not acceptable.

I have been in touch with Apple and it is not possible to downgrade the ios.

Is it possible to restore your phone to another iphone which is running ios 14.4 or lower so you can at least get the data out?

Or is it possible to transfer the app + data to another iphone which is running 14.4 or lower? I have seen a couple of mentions of a program called MobileTrans that can do this - has anyone had any success with this?

One thing I don't  understand is another member of my family is running msecure 4.5.2 and it is working on ios 14.6. Is it possible to get this version from somewhere?

One of the articles on this forum says when you set up a msecure 5 account it asks you if you want to migrate your data across. But it doesn't do that. Why not?

I have raised two tickets and the only response i have had is to refer me to an article which is no help at all.

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@Francesco This will be no problem at all. I can get you added to the TestFlight list, but it's best to do the rest via email. Go ahead and email us at, and add "Attention Mike: TestFlight App" to the subject. Let me know here that you sent the email, and I'll respond as soon as I see it.

Hi! I have sent the email to attention Mike : Test Flight App

I just sent you an email @Francesco. We'll continue the process via email from here on out.

Mike - Please add me to the list for TestFlight app. I just sent you an Attention Mike email with my Apple ID. Thanks!

I am having the same issue.  I have hundreds of passwords and important data on my old mSecure app and I can't access it.  When I upgraded to the new one, it only imported maybe a two dozen entries... which are all outdated.  Please add me to the list for the utility app as well. is my Apple ID.  It is absolutely imperative that I get this information.  

Please add me to the list as well for the TestFlight app.  I'm having the same issues as everyone else.  Email is  I emailed with Attention Mike in the subject as well.  

@Thomas I just responded to your email.

@James What you are dealing with here is not the same issue as others. The problem is that the migration of the data didn't happen at all, and old data is most likely being synced in from either mSecure Cloud, Dropbox or iCloud. I'll find your email and we'll continue the troubleshooting there.

Dear Mike,

I would like you to add my email  to the list that can have a code to access Test Flight for the same exact reason that a previous customer name Rick has contacted you.

I send your e-mail my mail address. 

@Shinya I just responded to the email you sent. We'll continue our correspondence via email from here on out.

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