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14.5 and problem with photos

Hi, I can not open secure after updating iPhone to 14.5. I downloaded the new app msecure and migrated my data. The problem is that all photos in the old version can not be open in this version!! What can I do??

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@Luara lin Thank you for contacting us. I just replied to the other post you created. I also just saw your email in our support system. I will respond to that email as well, and then you can reply to either that email or the other post, and we'll work on getting the issue resolved.

I migrated today from version 4 to version 5. I have the same problem as Steve and others: data migrated into version 5 without any pictures. The fact that pictures were added is shown but there is no way to access to the images. Once you click on the logo, you only access a black screen. Quite frustrating as I do not want to risk staying on the older version.

@Jean-marc Do you still have mSecure 4 installed, and are you able to open that app and see the attachments for your records? If so, it should be no problem at all to restore them in v5.

@Mike. I do have v4 still installed on my device with pictures attached. Impossible though to copy the pictures and paste them in v5. What is your idea? Thanks for your help.

@Jean-marc You should be able to restore your attachments by creating a new backup of your data in v4 and then restoring from that backup in v5. You can follow the instructions in this article to fix the issue: Transfer information from mSecure 4 to mSecure 5 on your mobile device

Did that help to restore your attachments?

@Mike. This solved the issue. I now have all the pictures in v5. Many thanks. Great help in a very short time! Just great.

it's great to hear you that fixed the issue @Jean-marc! Let me know should you need further assistance with mSecure.

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